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Love this book It was fun to see see the beaches as they were. Love seeing all the pictures This was a birthday present for my sister as we grew up in this town it was very special It arrived on time and perfect Thanks for helping me make my sister cry in a good way. Great book Great pictures Great memories. Having grown up in this beautiful little town, these pictures brought me back like it was yesterday Thank you for the memories &FREE DOWNLOAD ☠ Mexico Beach ↙ Hurricane Michael may have taken away some of the landmarks, but these images reveal the history of Florida s Mexico Beach, once known as the Unforgettable CoastAs French interests in the Americas dwindled, records indicate very little activity around Mexico Beach until rumors of buried riches and sunken ships brought treasure hunters to the coast In the early s, businessman Felix du Pont purchased the land known today as Mexico Beach Resin to make turpentine was harvested from the native pine trees, and fishermen could not resist the migratory fish passing through the area s waters By the s, US Highwaywas completed, and visitors could finally reach the sugar soft sand beaches of the Unforgettable Coast By , Tyndall Field was constructed and became a training site for Air Force pilots In , a group of farsighted businessmen, led by Gordon Parker, WT McGowan, and JW Wainwright, purchased , acres along the beach for , Parker s son Charlie moved to the area inwith his wife, Inky, and their family He soon took over development responsibilities for the Mexico Beach Corporation and laid the groundwork for the beach town known and loved today Charlie went on to become the city s first mayor and a lifelong advocate of the family friendly community