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DOWNLOAD ê Red River Girl ä It s Augustin the northern Midwest territory and Josette Dupre has just turned thirteen The daughter of a French trader and an Ojibwe woman, she has bigger dreams than most girls of the day, dreams of traveling East for a higher education But these dreams come to an abrupt halt when her mother dies Soon after the funeral, her restless father decides to lead a wagon train traveling south to St Paul Now Josette must face the reality of abandoning her dreams and leaving behind everything connected with her mother s memory In this engaging historical novel, a determined young girl struggles not only with the savage wilderness in which her family is forced to make a home, but with the knowledge that there is no going back I really enjoyed that this book was written by journal entries telling you the story of how St Louis was founded They young girl of the story was easy to relate to and so lovable It was easy to see her heartbreak and trials of growing up without a mother I really enjoyed it It was a great way to depicit a part of american history inside a short novel. 1850s historical fiction from a Metis French Canadian Anishanabe, in this case girl s point of view.We have it in the SCCS library if you re interested It was intended for the 5th grade social studies class, but the reading level might be too high.