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I LIKE THIS BOOK OVERALL HOW FAR SECRET CAME IT GOES TO SHOW COMMON SENSE AIN T AS COMMON AS SOME THINK I M STARTING TO WONDER IS THE KAT FROM BOOK 1 THE SAME KAT IN THIS BOOK IF SO SHE NEED HER STORY TOLD BECAUSE SHE WAS LOVING THE HOMIES BOOK It started off good but during the book I was not a page turner like the first book This book was actually all about this girl name secret and Lucky Lucky had a different side to him in this book, but then again still the same ole lucky I can t believe I finished reading this boring book. Secret will be damned if she ends up like her crazy mother who seems not to give than 3 cents about her Her best friend Shaunice is from the hood too, but they are like 2 peas in a pod Getting straight A s and focusing on getting to college to make it out of the hood, Secret isn t like other teenagers where she s This book was really good it picked up from book on I wondered what happened to Lucky and Major Pain I saw they were in this book It was some questions left unanswered I hope part 3 delivers those answers On to part 3 This was a nice read Good job Treasure Hernandez. Lucky dirty asf for letting Secret take the rap for them drugs I can t believe she was that naive not to know what Lucky did she asked some pretty good where does Kats loyalty lie will Lucky help her Will her mom stop being an evil bitch actually care about Secrets sit story was told in a rush skipped through it and knew what happen &DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇸ Obsession 2 ⇲ Born And Raised In Flint, Michigan, Secret Miller Knows Deep Inside That She Isn T Cut Out To Live The Ghetto Life Her Mother, Yolanda, Has Prepared For Her She Realizes That Her Only Way Out Of The Neighborhood And Away From The Watchful Eyes Of Her Mother Is To Be The First In Her Family To Graduate From High School And Go To College Although She Plans To Go Far Enough Away To Break Free From The Streets, Secret May Need A Plan B When Her Estranged Father Comes Back Into The PictureSecret Is Willing To Forgive And Forget The Fact That Her Father Robbed Her Of Being A Daddy S Girl By Not Being In Her Life In Fact, She Welcomes Him With Open Arms But When He Sets Her Up For A Fall In Which The Landing Could Break Her Very Being, She Doesn T Know If She Ll Ever Be Able To Trust Men AgainLucky Has Lost His Best Friend, Quick, Who Was Gunned Down Along With Quick S Girlfriend, Tiffany He Can T Help But To Feel Guilt And Shame, Considering That Near The End, Lucky Hadn T Been A Very Good Friend When Lucky Meets Secret By Chance, Could She Be The One Who Makes Him Want To Change His Ways For The Better, Or Will It Be Just The Opposite, Making Secret Turn From A Good Girl To Straight Up Hood Good but dissapointed at the ending Left me hanging Maybe this was done intentionally for a sequel or part 2. The author saved the best for last, literally The book at times was a snooze.