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PDF ñ Pegasus King ê King Andros was prepared to give it all up to save his kingdom when he surrendered to King Kaden He was young and beaten His life meant nothing King Kaden wanted , the younger king s life Abuse,Angst,D s,H C,Humil,MC,M F,Rape,Slave,Tort,Trans This is one of the most heart breaking, page turning, I cannot put this book away, stories I have ever read I love the characters and how well rounded they are I love their actions and the way they respond to situations I love the way the Gods interact with the mortals And I love the way I despise the Antagonist This story, though not complete, deserves 5 stars all the way I know I will be paying close attention to any updates it receives. I read it as an online fiction firstthan a year ago but saw that it had been published onand had to read it again To ensure peace king Andorus swears an oath to the Pegasus king But it seems that Andorus is not the one ruling his country and has become a puppet controlled by his uncle But Andorus won t be broken, he will stop his uncle s destruction no matter what.