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{E-PUB} ó The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two: The First Work (Modern Magistery) ô Softcover vo pp Modern Magistery series Stiff card covers with printed inner flaps Glossary, appendix, bibliography, bw illustrations This second volume in Rubaphilos Salfluere s groundbreaking The Hermes Paradigm series builds upon the foundation laid in Book One First Principles Motives for entering into the alchemical work are proffered as a starting point for consideration if it is quality knowledge regarding the truth about the nature of reality that one genuinely seeks, and if one is prepared to relentlessly pursue such knowledge over days, months or likely years towards its eventual attainment, then the Royal Road of alchemy the Hermetic science may indeed lead one to the desired destination, the illumination that is wisdom The importance of a disciplined experimental methodology is emphasised, as is the guidance of a reliable and generous tutor the creation of matter and its nature as per Hermetic philosophy including the three Principals of Salt structure, Sulphur energy and Mercury intelligence, which form the foundation of matter is elaborated, as is the relationship between these Principals and the essential binary system inherent in all departments of Nature that is, the Universal Spirit and the Watery Chaos , and the Elements The mechanism by which matter evolves known as spagyria is then discussed, and the application of spagyric method to the First Work or Plant Prima detailed Venturing further than to merely iterate recommended alchemical laboratory equipment and simple and practical astrological considerations, The Hermes Paradigm, Book Two The First Work describes at length the processes of separation and putrefaction by maceration, fermentation and pelicanisation , purification and cohobation, along with specific confections ranging from the herbal simple to the Plant Stone, the Circulatum Minor and even rejuvenatives such as the Primum Ens Meliss