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~FREE PDF ♂ Ultimate Interview: 100s of Great Interview Answers Tailored to Specific Jobs ♂ As competition for jobs in all sectors intensifies, employers are looking for than just the right experience and skills needed for the job They also want to gauge the potential employee s personal attributes to see if their skills are matched with qualities, such as cultural fit, engagement, likeability, and competence, that will make them an asset to the company This updated edition of Ultimate Interview highlights these intangible qualities that set one candidate apart from other, equally qualified ones Each section of the book organizes common interview questions according to specific job types and looks at the thinking behind questions, as well as an effective method of answering Lots of very helpful tips for different kinds of interview question I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, so thank you so much for that I thought this was a really useful and really handy book It isn t massive, exhausting, or overwhelming and I found the tips being separated by types of job interviews really helpful I am someone who is in two different career fields, healthcare and sales This book allowed me to see how interviews for those two kinds of paths would differ and how to kind of market myself to each field.All in all, I was very pleased Read it before going to some interviews and used it to help me prepare for them Got offered both jobs so I guess that it worked Sorted well enough to get you the job in the lie lie world.It s good effort anyway , an interesting book with god illustrtions. Great tool to help you prepare for all those tricky questions that get fired at you during an interview As I going for a new position within the same company, I wanted to fine tune my interview skills, which were honestly very rusty It covers understanding role of the interviewers, preparation for the interview itself, the generic and specific role questions were really helpful for me.