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this book was terrible the only thing that kept me reading was that I wante to know what happened at the end then when i finally made it to the end even that was horrible a complete waste of time it was so unrealistic and it didnt make any sense and way too much was going on it was just BADDDDDD READY FOR PART 2 I LOVE THIS BOOK AMustReadNovelDanaTerase It sure was On and Poppin I loved it cant wait to get The Baddest Chick. Good read one of my favorite books. ( E-PUB ) ☥ It's on and Poppin' ♖ Dee Dee is as laid back, sassy, and cute as they come, but having two overprotective brothers like Jay and Bee, who have clout in the Memphis streets, makes finding and building a relationship seriously hazardous to a brother s healthThings move fast for Jay and Bee after hooking up with a new contact, and they are faced with the reality that their lives will never be the same All of the training that Jay was secretly putting Dee Dee through comes into play as Jay and Bee are locked up in the county jail for selling to an informant The game is dominated by thugs until Dee Dee hits the sceneThis action packed, grimy street classic shows how Dee Dee gets it poppin in the Memphis streets