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.DOWNLOAD ⚔ AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 ♑ An autobiography in pictures photographs taken by Ai Weiwei that capture his emergence as the uniquely provocative artist that he is today Ai Weiwei Beijing Photographs is an autobiography in pictures Ai Weiwei is China s most celebrated contemporary artist, and its most outspoken domestic critic In April , when Ai disappeared into police custody for three months, he quickly became the art world s most famous missing person Since then, Ai Weiwei s critiques of China s repressive regime have ranged from playful photographs of his raised middle finger in front of Tiananmen Square to searing memorials to the than , schoolchildren who died in shoddy government construction in theSichuan earthquake Against a backdrop of strict censorship, Ai has become a hero on social media to millions of Chinese citizensThis book, prohibited from publication in China, offers an intimate look at Ai Weiwei s world in the years after his return from New York and preceding his imprisonment and global superstardom The photographs capture Ai s emergence as the uniquely provocative artist that he is today There is no revealing portrait of Ai Weiwei s life in China than thisThe book contains thancarefully sequenced images culled from an archive of than , photographs taken by Ai a narrative arc carefully shaped by an artist keenly aware of photography s ability to tell stories It includes a shattering series of photographs taken betweenanddevoted to the final illness and death of Ai s father Ai Qing The book is a sequel to Ai Weiwei New York, a privately published book that collected photographs taken by Ai during his years on the New York art scene